im not a Steve Jobs hater, but yes, i personally think dennis ritchie contributed more. RIP dennis.

Steve Jobs did great things but behind his successes is Dennis Ritchie. I don’t think people would be able to enjoy anything “i” without Dennis Ritchie. Let us be reminded that there are people in the backstage doing great things.

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An email I got.

  • Someone: blah blah Dark Vader...blah blah blah
  • Me: DARK VADER?! :O you're committing a crime.
How I feel right now, with my code messed up.

How I feel right now, with my code messed up.

Failure can be an insightful teacher. It can teach us how to prosper in adversity and make us resilient when we encounter defeat and trials. It can develop emotional muscles that would never grow if we only succeeded. It teaches lessons we’d never learn if we always had it easy. These are lessons we all should learn, as certainly every one of us has failed and will fail again.
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